Types of ranges

Each range type is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the range operators. It is our hope that all of the ranges we facilitate are open to the public, free to use, offer training and exercises with minimal or no cost, and empower everyone to share their ideas and knowledge.

We hope to grow our network of cyber warfare ranges; delivering knowledge, workforce development, and other significant value to our members and cooperating partners.

The ranges we operate are run by and for hackers to learn three critical skill sets;

  • Cyber Attack / Hacking / Computer Network Attack (CNA)
  • Cyber Defense / Computer Network Defense (CND)
  • Digital Forensics / Breach Investigation

These skills are taught via a self-paced, hands-on, well-crafted series of “ranges”. They are designed to help users acquire and fully develop the practical skills they will use in the real world as cyber security professionals.

Everyone who operates a range thinks they do the same thing. However there is a big difference. That difference is composed of many factors that are simply not available to traditional companies, institutions, and government entities.

Traditional Ranges

Our first operational model. It is an open place free from any biases (commercial, military/intelligence, etc). These monasteries of cyber education serve everyone and are an open place for learning. Supporting free speech, the ability of laypersons to teach, and research our traditional ranges are our most preferred operational model.

Cost: minimal support for our foundation.

Commercial ranges

Ranges that are sponsored by one or more corporate/commercial entities. These ranges support our missions but also allows the sponsors to put forward their ideas/perspectives/brands. These ranges allow the co-mingling the brand of the National Cyber Warfare Foundation, The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, and our other initiatives with corporate sponsors.

What is different? Commercial sponsorship and a financial model supporting commercial activity.

Cost: Support for our foundation, fee for service for our instructors.

Controlled/Military/Government Ranges

We understand the need for certain ranges needing to be closed to the public, have the ability to keep secrets, and serve a vetted/verified audience. The military style range is the right choice for these specific needs.

What is different? Closed to the public/restricted access. Specialized training and materials supporting intelligence, cyber warfare, and counter adversary operations.

Cost: Support for our foundation, fee for service for our instructors. Non-public disclosure (unless desired).

Academic Ranges

Universities, colleges, and other forms of higher learning have their own requirements. academic ranges are simply leveraging the use of our technologies, targets, educational resources, and business services. It is expected they will not be utilizing any of our brands unless that is specifically requested.

What is different? No use of our branding (unless requested). A white label service.

Cost: Support for our foundation, fee for service for our instructors.

Meetup Ranges

Sometimes there is no compelling case for a building/location and all the related expenses. We will help you build a “mobile range” offering. these allow for a “range” to be stood up anywhere there is Internet service and electrical power.

What is different? No fixed location.

Cost: Minimal support for our foundation. Travel and expenses for our supporting team members.

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