What we offer

There are many details to building and operating a cyber warfare range. While the concept is simple, the reality is quite complex. Our experience has honed our model and best practices since 2012.


Our technology allows you to operate software-defined “ranges” that allow students of all skill levels to engage, learn, and grow their skills.

The technology ensures that each “range” is an isolated environment including both real and virtual systems. It allows for the creation of any network topology within a software-defined “range” and has no size limitations.

Our technology allows you to enable both remote and local access to your “targets” with one simple administration tool. Access control is as easy as sending a text message.


Our technology allows your user base to participate in any of our ranges within our network worldwide.

Users are enrolled in our Identity Bank. It protects them from attacks/breaches while ensuring maximum privacy. It also supports compliance and regulatory requirements worldwide. GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, safe harbor, etc, all met and controlled by a self-administered web site. Each user is in complete control of their data. They can easily see everything we know about them. They can easily tell our system to forget them.

Inside our range locations, the network is protected with custom built technologies that ensure that hostile actors cannot harm your students/users. These technologies are also what make our software-defined “ranges” work seamlessly and in real-time.

We provide our range operators with phone numbers, secure communications channels, support, threat intelligence, industry news, and business services (supporting legal, financial, etc).

Technical expertise

We naturally attract competent cyber warriors, system administrators, database gurus, and other technology professionals. You may utilize our team for any and all of your needs. Think of our team as the dynamic infill for your team and our team ensures your continuity, capability, and flexibility.